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New Music : Eye 4 Eye By Brian James Vision Feat. Vrn Hayes & D.E.X

What up family it’s been a minute huh …. Well i’m back in the studio consistently working and it feels great. I recently collaborated with Vrn Hayes and D.E.X. to bring you ” Eye 4 Eye ” a song that speaks volumes about the current relationship between law enforcement and community in areas occupied by minorities . It’s all about making subtle statements from the art work , to the beat selection , to the lyrics and artist featured on the track they all go hand in hand. We just wanted to make it clear that it’s 2019 and that submissive mind state is dead. It’s the same song and dance tragedy after tragedy and it’s really played out . It’s time as a people we hold those in positions of power accountable for their actions, in order to receive respect you have to give it. Quite simple if you ask me… you give respect you get it return, but in the same breath if you cross that line you should expect to be met with that same energy. ” Eye 4 Eye ” is a song that represents those 2 energies meeting. Check out the song below.

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